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FACE FORWARD Permanent Cosmetics Red Bank NJ

LETS FACE IT. Life is stressful. Whether you are just starting out your adult life, up to your ears in adult life, going through transitions….it doesn’t have to be a matter of life or death, just dealing with your day-to-day decisions and drama can be exhausting.

Isn’t it wonderful that we have a little oasis of relaxation and beauty right in our own backyard? If you haven’t been to FACE FORWARD in Red Bank at 66C Bridge Ave in West Red Bank RiverCenter…. Please do! Just looking at their website and menu of services is a pick-me-up!

When you wake up in the morning and look in the bathroom mirror, are you happy with what you see? Wouldn’t it be great to look your best and see a beautiful you reflected back? FACE FORWARD offers permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip blushing and lash lifts. They offer Brow Lamination, creating fluffy brows by redirecting hair growth and enhancing your brow shape. Your morning, afternoon, and evening look has a pop of color, and your beautiful eyes are defined. You wake up make up ready and radiant.

Not everyone was born graceful, but everyone can age gracefully. COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY-Microneedling (CIT) is a non-surgical procedure to rejuvenate your skin. By creating controlled superficial “micro injuries,” the body’s natural human growth factors are triggered without harming the epidermis. This is great for getting rid of scar tissue, fine lines, deep wrinkles, age spots, acne scarring, stretch marks and improving your skin’s overall appearance. You will look healthier and more youthful.

Unbelievable facials are their specialty which can be customized for your own personal needs. Detoxifying, cleansing, toning, and exfoliating, combined with a restorative phase and deep hydration will give you that glow, even in the harshest of weather. FACE FORWARD is also excited to join the HydraFacial family with the brand new HydraFacial Elite. The HydraFacial Elite not only offers amazing facials but has added lymphatic drainage not only for the face but also the body, neck and décolletage treatments and even scalp therapy.

Do not neglect the rest of your body, they work on back acne, and offer body scrubs with salts and wonderful aromas. Treat your feet to a day of beauty, they will thank you for it. Men and teens can equally enjoy these services.

Massages are not only relaxing, but reduce muscle tension, stress and improve your overall circulation. Try Cupping to facilitate blood flow and reduce pain.

FACE FORWARD can even help you reverse what might have been a really bad decision on your part…that tattoo that seemed like such a great idea a few years ago just doesn’t belong on your body anymore or your choice of message has changed. Using a saline based solution with simple natural ingredients will remove the evidence of your younger and not wiser days.

The Studio is posh yet homey, sit back, relax and let their well-trained staff
with impressive certifications and training do their magic.

Gift cards for Valentine’s Day or any day are greeted with glee! Give yourself a Girls Day, Mother-Daughter time, Bridal Party pampering or let the men in your life enjoy the services.