Permanent Eyebrows


Put down that eyebrow pencil, please. Microblading is a permanent cosmetic procedure done by hand using a blade like tool that that places pigment into the dermal layer of the skin forming crisp, natural looking, hair-like strokes. Used to fill in sparse areas of the brow creating a full beautiful brow. Cut your make up routine in half and seriously, put down the pencil.

(includes 1 follow up visit)


Looking for a thicker, fuller brow? And no, not Groucho Marx – we get this all the time. I mean we aren’t throwing shade at Groucho, see what we did there? This is a beautiful combination of microblading and shading. Great for creating density to brows with little to no hair or adding color and definition to any brow.

(includes 1 follow up visit)


Unlike microblading, the powder brow is a pixelation of color dusted into the skin. It is intended to look more natural than the "stamped on" look done in the past with traditional tattoo ink. There are many different variations to choose from. Powder brows can be done in a light or darker saturation. Adding an ombrè effect of light to dark is another option. Pigment colors used are subtle and selected according to the clients over and undertones, for a soft healed result.

(includes 1 follow up visit)


Similar to the powder brow but has a gradual pixelated type fade towards the bulb for a more natural look.

(includes 1 follow up visit)

COLORBOOSTS (1-2 Year Maintenance)

Are you starting to grab for your brow pencil? For the last time, PUT IT DOWN. We’ll touch you up, fill you in and even you out.

Price is based on maintenance of previously work done within 1-2 years. After that time Colorboosts price would be TBD based on amount of work to be done.

Free Brow Waxing for All Brow Clients for One Year