Frequently Asked Questions


Is permanent makeup PERMANENT?

Your permanent cosmetic make-up procedure depends upon the technician, the products used for the application, how deep the cosmetic tattoo was placed into the skin, how well you take care of the procedural area while its healing, and whether or not you use a total sunblock after the procedure has completely healed. All these factors will determine how long the procedure will last. Color enhancers are suggested ‘as needed’ to keep the procedure looking fresh and new.


Permanent cosmetic procedures are safe if the technician has had a proper education and follows all the OSHA and CDC guidelines. Single use, sterile needles and machines and parts are used for each client and then properly disposed of. In permanent make-up, we use iron oxides and lakes that are pure and are combined with rewetting agents. Mineral make-up is made up on the same ingredients that we use, and has been used, for decades. These ingredients are innocuous and non-reactive, making them perfect for permanent cosmetic procedures.


We use a 3 step numbing process administering topical anesthesias for both pre and post broken skin and numb though out the procedure to stay ahead of any discomfort.